We get great feedback from our customers about their support experiences directly in our Slack channel INSTANTLY! Thank you Supportman 🙏”

Reilly Chase

Founder of HostiFi


Know how happy your customers are 🤩

Supportman sends Intercom conversation ratings in real-time to Slack so your team can understand how well they are satisfying customers. Give your team a positive culture of working together to help customers.


Quickly follow up with your unhappy customers 😠

You can easily reply back to customers who didn't have a good experience and make sure that their issues are taken care of promptly.


Save time analyzing your Intercom Metrics 📊

Supportman is right where your team is - in Slack. We talked with many customer success and support managers to pull together the metrics that they care about most. No need for you to pull up the Intercom dashboards. Weekly reports bring customer service quality to the forefront of your team.


Promote communication around your ratings and metrics 💡

Your support team can interact with each other right in Slack around Intercom data. This gives your team knowledge of how to help each other and how things are going.


Let the company know how they are affecting the support team 🧠

Your support team understands customers best. Supportman helps you bring what you've learned to other teams within the company and how their work is affecting customer satisfaction. Slack is where all of these interactions happen.

Give your support team
a level up

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